Next year, Ferrari celebrates its 70th birthday. It’s a big deal! They made 70 different paint jobs just to celebrate it. Here are all 70 in one spot.

Ferrari is throwing itself a birthday party of sorts by creating 350 special edition cars, which will be exorbitantly expensive without a doubt. To begin, it will take five of its current models—the California T, the 488 GTB, the 488 Spider, the F12berlinetta and the GTC4Lusso—and customize them with over 70 different liveries that honor the most famous Ferrari cars and drivers.


Each livery will be seen on more than one car, but there won’t be two of the same car with the same livery. 70 x 5 = 350. If you’re confused, it might help to draw a diagram.

Ferrari notes that these images are just to give you an idea, and that the finished cars might be different. Also, be warned that some of these barely pass as “liveries” and are more just “a color.”

This one is inspired by the Ferrari 125 S, the first official racing sports car built by Enzo Ferrari in 1947. It’s red.
This one is supposed to pay homage to the 195 S Touring berlinetta, which is bright blue. This doesn’t seem like it’s bright blue. But it’s not a real photo. Anyways, it’s blue.
This is just blue also.
Modeled after the 195 Inter Touring coupé, your parents’ Lexus ES300 is the same grayish-gold.
This car is modeled after one driven by Pierre Louis-Dreyfus. He raced at Le Mans 11 times, was a French Resistance fighter in World War II, and then he was CEO of a big company. Also, if his name sounds familiar, that’s because he’s the grandpa of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Yes, THAT Julia Louis-Dreyfus. From Seinfeld.
Darker red.
Ivory really is an underrated color for a car, isn’t it? But please do not make your car out of actual ivory. Ivory belongs on elephants. They need that.
This one is inspired by the 1953 Ferrari 340 MM Spider Vignale, but who cares because it’s just gorgeous.
Inspired by the 1953 Ferrari 375 MM Pinin Farina spider, it is also very good for a Yankee fan.
Jeez, we normally love a good brown car but this is just weird.
Ferrari says this car is painted just like one driven by a Dominican named Porifirio Rubirosa. His Wikipedia page says that “his playboy lifestyle was matched by stories of his sexual prowess. His reputedly larger than average penis size inspired Parisian waiters to name gigantic pepper mills “Rubirosas.” One must conclude that this Ferrari is larger than average as well. Just slightly bigger all around.
Ferrari has a color called Grigio Ingrid. This is that color.
Ferrari says this one is like Gianni Agnelli’s car, and since he owned Fiat they are being very polite. They say that this livery is “particularly unusual.” We think they mean “ugly.”
Looks good on some bad Florida beach.
Ferrari calls the hot variant of its F12 the F12 tdF, after the Tour de France. Long story short, that’s why this one is French blue.
This looks good and all but check out the original 410 Superamerica it’s based on. It’s got bitchin’ fins.
It is gray with stripes that are also gray and gray.
Want to know what the original Ferrari 290 MM sounds like? Here you go. It is delicious.
This car is modeled after one created for the Shah of Iran. He is not popular in many circles.
Goddammit it, but do I love a Ferrari with a stripe down its nose.
Gray with a red stripe. You get it.
This one is also gray with a red stripe. It also has a red face.
This paintjob was inspired by a guy’s yacht. That’s how you get inspiration for your Ferrari. From your yacht.
Ferrari says that this one is modeled after a 250 California Scaglietti spider LWB, that “was destined for America, a nation in love with the convertible and the freedom and fun that open-air driving offers.” This is false. Many Americans hate fun and freedom. We don’t talk about them much.
This looks good!
We, humanity, have been doing vertical stripes for years. Horizontal stripes are clearly a much needed improvement.
This livery was inspired by the 1962 250 GTO. That car is red. Ferrari red. This car is also red.
This is the “McQueen,” because Steve McQueen has a brown car. He had good taste. Be like him.
This car is called “The Phil.” We know that means it was named after racing legend Phil Hill, but naming your Ferrari “Phil” is just great. This is a blue Ferrari for blue-collar people. Your plumber drives this Ferrari. Your plumber charges you way too much money.
Urngh okay this one is really good.
This Ferrari is in North American Racing Team blue with a camel-colored interior. This is the best Ferrari color combination. No other Ferrari color combinations are as good. If you think red is better, you are wrong. Please go home. This is the best.
Please. This is a yellow car.
Good blue. All of the blues are good blues.
See? Great blue right here.
This car has white fins. That’s a neat little detail. Good call.
The original 512M “Sunoco” was bought by Roger Penske. A Sunoco car!
Huge fan of that interior. Tartan fabric seats! TARTAN FABRIC SEATS! GIVE US THIS CAR!
Ferrari calls this livery “the mid-engine.” You can get in a front-engined car. Just go with it.
This. This good.
This was inspired by the 312 T that Niki Lauda drove to victory.
Okay, we shit you not on this one. It’s called the Magnum PI. Seriously, the Magnum PI. The car on the show was red, so where’s the black roof coming from? (It’s the mustache. We really think this car is inspired by a mustache. This is the greatest Ferrari of all time.)
This one is inspired by the legendary Ferrari 308 rally car. If you do not take this F12 rallying, you have failed us all.
In honor of the F40 and team sponsor, Shell.
Jet black with black wheels. Murdered out stuff is a bit out-of-style these days but we’ll allow it.
Another good blue!
This one is gray and inspired by the Enzo. The Enzo is not really an old car. It feels a bit when VH1 did “I Love The 2000s” way too early.
For Schumacher.
Okay this one I really don’t understand. It’s inspired by the Challenge Stradale, which happened not that long ago! Just buy the Challenge Stradale!
I wasn’t aware the Scaglietti needed honoring.
This one is from the Ferrari FXX from just a few years ago, but somehow it looks even better. We guess sometimes things need a second try.
This was inspired by the Scuderia 16M.
The one for the LaFerrari.
Ferrari says this one was inspired by the FXX K, a car that is still pretty new. We don’t understand the tie-in here, but we’re not complaining. Looks good.
This is supposed to be a celebration of the Ferrari 458, which is weird because you can get it on a 488. Whatever! We like it! It’s pretty.