National Hero Gloriously Pilots Mazda Miata With Top Down In Cleveland Snow Storm

Screengrab via Fox8
Screengrab via Fox8

You’re not living that Mazda Miata life until you’ve driven a couple of hours through Cleveland traffic in a snowstorm... with the top down.

Miata is about never backing away from a challenge. Miata doesn’t yield to nature. Miata is not about the power, it’s about the experience.

Nobody asked this person to do it. Nobody expected them to. But they did it.


It takes a lot of... something to sit through hours of traffic in a snowstorm, but how are you going to enjoy the snowfall from the warm insulated cabin of a normal daily driver? You aren’t. Drop the roof. Feel the cold melted snow penetrate deep into every sensitive cubby of your body, and your electronics.

Fox8 reported two-hour commutes and temperatures in the teens, and the person who took the picture claimed it was a white-out snowstorm just before he snapped the shot.

Live that Miata life, strange Cleveland person.

Hat tip to empfader, Chris, and Sean!

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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In the S2000, the heater will burn your legs off. I swap the studded tires on, put the top down, strap my snowboard in the passenger seat, and fucking live.