National Geographic Tours Lamborghini Factory In HD

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The documentarians at National Geographic are turning their lenses towards the great factories of the world in a new Ultimate Factories series. First up is Lamborghini and if the still shots and video below are any indication, it's a must-see.


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Schm-san strikes back

(Australian voice)

'ello mates, I'm Bruce Brucington deep in the wild jungle. We have just located one of the rarest predator in it's nest, shortly after birth. This particular breed, the Automotius Lamborguinius, is one of the rarest of the entire species. It knows only the dark, and is so quick that you can't even blink, or you'll miss it. It takes a real man to get this close to it, you cant be a poofta in this line of work.

Oh, look. The Lamborguinius has sighted prey. It is a herd of Peugeot, easy prey for the fierce hunter Lamborguinius. The Lamborguinius circles around the herd of Peugeots, startling them. They try to flee across the river, but oh the magnificent hunter pounces! Oh, look at that power of the Lamborguinius! It's just ripping in to the fuel tank of that little Peugeot! The natural cycle of the Automotive jungle continues, the hunter and the hunted. Those not fast enough shalt soon be scrap medal.

Well, mates that'll be all for today, I gotta go get some Fosters and shrimp on the barbie, then get more drunk and chase some of the local sheilas. Join us tomorrow when we track one of the great beasts of old, an incredibly rare but slow moving enormous monstrosity known as the Tahoe Chevroletous Americanus.