The price of a regular gallon of gas dropped to an average of $1.97 on Friday, the lowest price since March 4, 2005, according to the Lundberg Survey. By comparison, gas prices hit a high of $4.11 on July of this year, meaning the price has changed more than 50% since the summer. Additionally, the average price of diesel fuel for that new 2009 Jetta SportWagen TDI is now just $2.93 per gallon, the first time that a ride on the green handle was less than $3.00. Now with cheap gas we can all conveniently forget about hybrid cars and go back to building body-on-frame sport utility vehicles and take Hummer off the auction block. We've got average prices for a smattering of cities below, but how much did a gallon cost you today?.

Average Gas Prices Per Gallon From Friday • Detroit, Michigan — $1.76 • Houston, Texas — $1.78 • Atlanta, Georgia — $1.88 • Boston, Massachusetts — $2.01 • Chicago, Illinois — $2.10 • Washington — $2.19 • Los Angeles, California — $2.22

[Source: CNN, Photo: Whitney Curtis /Getty Images]