Nathan Fillion Tries Out An Electric Car Salute

Illustration for article titled Nathan Fillion Tries Out An Electric Car Salute

Actor Nathan Fillion's ardent evangelism for the Arcimoto Pulse, an electric three-wheeler, includes charming potential customers. Unfortunately for them, Arcimoto has pushed back its previous target of selling vehicles this year, and hasn't set a new one.


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BoxerFanatic, troublesome iconoclast.

Aww, C'mon.

I really enjoy Nathan Fillion's work.

I am a loyal independent Browncoat. I enjoy Castle, too.

I don't want to hear that he is in the ranks of eco-activitst to the point of insulting others. It isn't as though the S2000 that the other guy is driving is a horrible car. It is a nice little sporty car.

I hate it when seemingly good folks turn out to succumb to the cultural degredation of political correctness and agitation about it.