NatGeo's Ultimate Factories Visits Camaro Plant

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National Geographic's previous Ultimate Factories shows have been pretty interesting, showing off the Lamborghini and Rolls Royce factories. The latest episode shows us how the Chevy Camaro's built.


Frankly, it's pretty uninteresting.

This one feels more like a history lesson and a bit of a commercial for the Camaro. The entire first segment goes to great lengths to draw a line between the first generation car and the new one. The second shows the V6 production at the St. Catherine's engine plant, which shows off the very basics of modern engine manufacturing. Kinda... boring.

National Geographic]


Did you actually watch the show or just fast forward through it? You based this whole review on a 5 minute segment on Camaro heritage at the start, and a 7 minute segment on how the engine is built. Otherwise this was produced exactly the same as every other episode. Sorry I guess that you don't like that it was a bunch of Canadians operating machines instead of a British or Italian guy tightening down every nut and bolt on a $300k car.

This was a very interesting episode and I actually found it quite amazing how the robots that build the car work, and how everything is so coordinated on such a grand scale (they pump out like 350 - 400 cars per day). #chevycamaro