Behind the drivers on the parade lap ahead of the green at today's Daytona 500 was the scariest thing they've probably ever seen in their rear view mirrors — a threesome of Michael Bay's NASCAR-liveried Transformers first glimpsed last year.


Apparently, they're called "Wreckers." Hmm... and here we thought NASCAR always said people don't watch for the crashes. Whatever. That's such b.s.

Check out these screen caps of the action at Daytona. We'll try and get some better photos if anyone in the comments says they're interested in seeing more.

UPDATE: OK, we got you some more shots from the good folks at Hendrick Motorsports, which had the trio of Transformers at the Chevy Display, located in the Midway outside Turn 4 all week. There's a gallery over yonder for you to peruse if you're so inclined.

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