GIF via Fox Sports/YouTube

A loose groundhog with little groundhog balls of steel halted NASCAR Xfinity Series practice at Michigan International Speedway this afternoon. This groundhog didnā€™t care about the cars on track, the trackā€™s trucks arriving to haul him off, or that guy with the shovel. Groundhogs have no fear.

Just when you thought this groundhog was in a bucket, he hopped out. Nobody messes with a loose groundhog. Fortunately, track staff found a bigger bucket (read: a trash can) that the mean little guy couldnā€™t hop out of.

You have to appreciate and fear any wild varmint that has a record speed of 4.9 mph listed on screen.

Michiganā€™s groundhog was taken to safety in a nearby field, and by safety, I mean safety for the track workers. That crazy groundhog is probably picking fights with bears and making Timbits out of weaker animalsā€™ nuts.