NASCAR Groundhogs Have No Fear

A loose groundhog with little groundhog balls of steel halted NASCAR Xfinity Series practice at Michigan International Speedway this afternoon. This groundhog didn’t care about the cars on track, the track’s trucks arriving to haul him off, or that guy with the shovel. Groundhogs have no fear.

Just when you thought this groundhog was in a bucket, he hopped out. Nobody messes with a loose groundhog. Fortunately, track staff found a bigger bucket (read: a trash can) that the mean little guy couldn’t hop out of.

You have to appreciate and fear any wild varmint that has a record speed of 4.9 mph listed on screen.

Michigan’s groundhog was taken to safety in a nearby field, and by safety, I mean safety for the track workers. That crazy groundhog is probably picking fights with bears and making Timbits out of weaker animals’ nuts.

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Stef Schrader

This was too small to use in the article, but I can’t quit laughing at it anyway.