Bumpin' and rubbin' and sippin' Syrah. [Editorial warning: more gratuitous dropping of "g's" ahead] Yep, it's the new NASCAR. A friend of ours who handles PR for Bennett Lane, a winery in Calistoga, CA, clued us into this trend. For the record, Bennett Lane is a NASCAR Grand National Division West sponsor (car Number 2, yellow with purple grapes!) and has been since 2003. In announcing the return of its team to the track, Bennett Lane cites some figures that maintain NASCAR fans are taking to wine-drinking at a rate 15 percent ahead of the nation at large. Of course, since a lot of NASCAR fans are mainly on intimate terms with certain popular American pilsner beers, Jack Daniels, white lighnin' and not much else, there was really nowhere to go but up. No word on whether this Ricky Bobby oenophilia is any kind of antidote to the alleged non-love of the Chosen People in NASCAR Nation that we reported on some weeks back.