It's So Hard To See At The Brazilian Grand Prix, No One Saw A Driver Get Rear-Ended

Before the Brazilian Grand Prix’s first red flag, Renault driver Jolyon Palmer actually ran into the back end of Daniil Kvyat’s Red Bull car due to the poor visibility.


Here’s how it happened, with unrelated footage of IndyCar’s Scott Dixon shaking his fist edited in at the end for maximum comedic effect:

Palmer was forced to retire for this wheel-over-wheel mess, however, Kvyat was able to continue in 18th place.

“I could see nothing,” Palmer told Sky Sports.

Stranger yet, no one—including on the broadcast side—could apparently see him. The BBC writes:

In all of the excitement of Raikkonen’s crash it seems everyone missed not only Verstappen’s moment, but also a big tangle with Jolyon Palmer’s Renault and Daniil Kvyat’s Toro Rosso at more or less the same moment. We’ve just seen a replay of the tangle and it was quite a thump between the two cars amid the spray.


The Brazilian Grand Prix was stopped for a second red flag on lap 28, as no one seems to be happy with the Pirelli extreme wets and rain keeps getting stronger for periods, then weakening. The race previously was red flagged after a series of slippery wet incidents on lap 21. It has now resumed once again.


Fans have taken to booing and thumbs-downing the lack of action out on track. Light to moderate rain is expected to continue, with heavier rain to the northeast of the track, per Sky Sports’ latest weather report on the broadcast. Many are expecting a weather-shortened race this afternoon as the tires aren’t up to handling the amount of water out on track.

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Nascar fan checking in.

Is it even fun to watch a race in the rain? Do the drivers enjoy it?

Seems like it’s not worth the risk.