NASCAR Driver Redeems His Saddest Burnout With A Bitchin' Camaro

NASCAR driver Austin Dillon didn’t get to properly celebrate his first ever Cup Series win with a big burnout. He ran out of gas just as the tires started to spin. So, to redeem the good name of the post-race burnout, he whipped out a gold-wrapped Camaro and filled a barn full of smoke.


Dillon won on a clever fuel mileage gamble from his team, opting to stay out on track while others lost time fueling up in the pits. He won the race, but he failed miserably at the post-race burnout.

Fortunately, this delightfully shiny golden Camaro had plenty of fuel and completely redeemed Dillon’s ability to turn tires into smoke. Dillon filled the whole barn up with the delectable scent of toasted rubber.

What would hoons everywhere do with out the Camaro? Probably die of sadness. (Probably.)

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This video is the perfect microcosm of Austin Dillon. Here we see a young, talented driver joyfully celebrating the first of what will likely be many victories in an illustrious career. Here we see a tasteless, entitled jackass making a fool of himself after lucking into a fluky victory. Here, perhaps, we see both. Perhaps he’ll be the next Joey Logano. Perhaps he’ll be the next Jamie McMurray. Only time will tell.