NASCAR Crossed With Roller Derby Would Be A Great Sport

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NASCAR is in a serious decline from its glory years. Here's the perfect way to spice it up.


The idea comes from Jowens, who thought it up when we saw paddock bashing - the mix of rallycross and banger racing from down under. Here's Jowens' proposal.

This is America... we can do better than just adopting some backwater Aussie racing.

My proposition: Combine NASCAR and Roller Derby.

These are two uniquely American sports that, when combined, would be the greatest spectator sport this country has ever seen. The basic premise would be two teams would go head-to-head on an oval track... One driver from each team would be tasked with doing as many laps as possible. His teammates would assist him in this task as the opposing team tried to block his way and slow him down.

I have virtually no interest in NASCAR, and little more than a passing curiosity in Roller Derby, but I would happily sit on my couch drinking beer and screaming 'MURICA! while watching an event like this.


I'd watch it. Now it just needs a name. Thoughts?

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Congratulations, Mr. Jowens, on COTD today! I would like to award you with a car which you can turn into a NASCAR racer, as it already is equipped with sufficient airbags. This lovely lady will deliver it to you soon.