Nano Tech Wiperless Windshields Are The Future And We're Scared

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Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina fame has dreamed up a new type of windshield that implements some damn hi-tech solutions to the problem of rain automotive glass. Fioravanti must not be familiar with the adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," because he definitely has tried to do away with windshield wipers. This rad new design, perhaps dreamed up while high, use aerodynamics and four fancy layers to keep rain, dirt and other elements from obstructing your view.


The concept car acting as guinea pig for this windshield is called Hidra. The first layer of the windshield is a layer that filters the sun and simply repels water. Think of it as a giant Teflon pan. The second layer uses "nano dust"—whatever the hell that is—to magically get rid of windshield dust. It detects the dust with a third layer and employs a fourth, conductive layer to power the entire windshield.

Fioravanti says this technology could be ready within five years. I call BS, but I also would prefer to keep my old-fashioned rubber wipers, because i don't want no damn nano-robots living in my windshield, getting smarter and smarter, plotting my demise. [Sparkingtech]


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Oh, forgot to mention: The fluid is not a substitute for the physical application of the stuff on a dry, clean windshield. But it sure seems to make each application last longer.

My only beef with wipers over Rain-x is the squeal and chatter. But my wife always gives me a hard time for not using the wipers. I guess I see through the beading, while she looks right at the water and freaks out that I can't see.