Mythbusters Destroy Quartet Of Daewoo Nubiras

Okay, Mythbusters has devolved into little more than explosion and crash porn rather than actual myth-busting. Our inner 12-year-old is cool with that. Here the boys investigate the physics behind crashing two cars head-on at 50MPH. Daewoo Nubiras, beware.

The 100 MPH test into a wall is one of the greatest things ever, by the way.


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I'll have to say I was one of the mythbusters forum lurkers screaming about the physics in his statement being wrong. But they overcomplicated the whole reason why.

A vehicle traveling at 50 miles per hour hits an unyielding force and comes to an immediate stop. Whether that force was moving or not doesn't change how fast the car was moving nor how fast it stopped. So a car two cars are going 50 and they hit each other? So? They're still going 50 and stopping instantly.

Though that 100mph wall crash was pretty sweet.