Mystery Lexus IS: Turbo? Hybrid?

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Let the Nürburgring mysteries continue! Today's super secret car out testing on the 'ring is clearly a Lexus IS, but the intel from our spies at BridgeToGantry is limited at the moment. Under that camo, there's some sort of faded paint job inspired by a '70s custom van which leads us to believe the car may be displayed to the public sans cladding at some point. But what would it be showing off? Well, there appears to be some strange lump in the hood, but the front bumper looks to be from a standard IS rather than the fire-breathing Lexus IS-F. We're being speculative, but we wonder if this is some sort of V6 hybrid and/or turbocharged model. The exhaust note does sound like a relatively quiet V6 to our ears, but you should have a listen for yourself. Make the jump for a quick video of action on the track.