(Image Credit: MotoAmerica)
(Image Credit: MotoAmerica)

A few months ago, I rode on the back of a MotoAmerica racing motorcycle at Circuit of the Americas and it terrified the life out of me. Most of you were pretty terrified by it, too. But I have some news that will make me sound much less hardcore: A brave 91-year-old woman did the same thing recently.

I’ll admit, I did feel less hardcore for a second. But then I remembered the wild speeds and extreme lean angles with no roll cage to make me feel better about things, and yeah, that ride is still just as terrifying in my memory as it was when I hopped off of the bike.


This woman, Rochelle Simms, is just cooler than any 91-year-old person I’ve ever met, because she willingly volunteered to hop on the back of a Suzuki GSX-R1000 and go over 100 mph at Road America in Wisconsin. I wish this video showed more track time because I’d love to see how hard the bike was being pushed, but regardless, this is the most metal thing I’ve seen in months.

If I must grow old, I want to grow old like this.

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