As part of our “Year In Review” series, we featured the favorite photography of Jalopnik contributors. I decided to also show off the bigger stack of shots I consider my highlights.

In covering over 30 races, reviews, or events for the site, my work ended up in 100 stories in 2017. When you do that much work, you end up with a ton of pictures. Here are the shots I loved most this year.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to review my best year of shooting ever. Hope your collective wallpapers are happy too.

Yo dawg, I heard you like Daytona.
Working on our night moves.
The 1300-HP NIO EP9 did a 2:11 around COTA. 6 seconds faster than the previous lap record holder. the McLaren P1. And it’s electric.
And then it did a 2:40 autonomous lap of COTA... with no one inside it.
Fireworks during the Rolex 24 at Daytona are cool. No really. It was 40º and raining. I was freezing my ass off.
Take time to reflect.
Bucket list item checked off. This car ruined all others for me.
Check out that fine mist.
1/25s shutter speed.
Lewis is ready.
Sick wheelie, bro.
Just before Lewis jumped in the car to win yet another USGP.
First time I ever snapped a shot of an F1 pit stop from above during a race.
The Doctor prepares to operate.
640 supercharged American horses.
I’m going to miss these racing around.
Check out that leap.
$20 million dollars worth of Aston Martin Vulcans
Kevin has some sweet hair.
Marquez had some fitting boots for the race at COTA.
I mean seriously. This is the fastest thing I shot all year.

I hope you all enjoyed my work this year as much as I did. Expect more of the good stuff in 2018. Give me a follow on instagram and keep an eye on my portfolio site too.

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