Mustang Mach 1: The Way To Swing In '69!

Let's say it's 1969 and you've turned on the TV. What do you see? Why, this singing, dancing group of well-scrubbed young people who don't remind you one little bit of those dirty, stinking, VW-driving, war-protesting hippies! You'll be geared up to run right down to the nearest Ford dealership and buy yourself the way out- but way in- wild one! Yes, the Mach 1, with a 428 Cobra Jet engine and a poke-through air cleaner that jumps when the engine cries! This is truly a Mustang that Richard Nixon- hell, even Bebe Rebozo- would love. This lengthy ad also pitches the Mustang Grande and some kind of six-banger machine that seems awfully unappealing coming after the Mach, but those cars are neither way out nor way in. Now, is this ad as groo-oovy as the Petula Clark Plymouth Fury ad?

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Jeff Glucker

Ford Mustang


Are you as fast as they say you are!