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Must-Have Manta Accessory: Kustom Lufthutze!

Illustration for article titled Must-Have Manta Accessory: Kustom Lufthutze!

If you're a classy fella looking to impress the frauleins with your distinctive sense of style, you can't go wrong by attaching this beautiful scoop to the hood of your Manta. Be sure to install it using drywall screws! Sorry, matching wing not included. We can feel bristly blond Teutono-Mullets sprouting on our domes, just by looking at this thing!


Lexmaul Lufthutze Opel Manta Kadett Ascona []

eBay Find! Discriminating Mantafahrers Pas Auf! [internal]

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Drywall screws, meh. Bolting lousy airbrush work onto a Manta requires bigass lag screws, tovarische. Big ol 5/8 heads (that's about 16mm if you want to stay Eurospec). Carriage bolts if streamlining is important to you.