Muslim Cabbies Conflicted Over Booze-Bearing Fares

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We're not really sure why this is an issue, but hey, it seems vaguely newsworthy, so what the heck. Apparently, some Muslim Twin-Cities cabbies are irked about rules forcing them to the back of the taxi line at the airport if they refuse a fare for any reason. And why are they refusing fares? Because some believe the transportation of alcohol to be against the teachings of Mohammed. Duty-free stores are apparently killing their living by supplying people in need of transport with bottles of Beam and Campari.

We don't mean to be flip, anti-Islamic or Limbaugh-esque, but in a way, we sort of feel flip about this issue (although we hope we aren't coming off as Limbaugh and/or Coulter-esque). The answer in our eyes, frankly, is simple: if you want to be certain you're not transporting alcohol, find another job or move to a dry county. Otherwise, at the risk of sounding harsh, swallow it and drive.


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