Quickly, before YouTube ganks it again โ€” and thanks to our brother/sister site obsessed with all things music โ€” check out Jay-Z's latest music video, "Show Me What You Got" โ€” featuring Danica Patrick in a Pagani Zonda S out-racing a Ferrari F430 driven by none other than Dale Earnhardt, Jr. โ€” with Mr. Shawn Carter (aka Hova, aka S.Dot, aka Hov, aka Jigga, aka Lucky Lefty, aka Iceberg Slim, aka โ€” ok, you get the picture, Jay-Z's got a lot of nicknames) in the passenger seat. You know, we kind of feel like this is totally a race Danica could win โ€” one where she's got a car fully 70 hp faster than the competition. Still, we totally know Jay-Z's just going to say he lost cause she weighs less than he and Dale Jr. [Hat tip to will!]

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