Music Videos Make Anyone Look Fast: Danica Patrick Shows Jay-Z And Dale Jr. What She's Got

Quickly, before YouTube ganks it again — and thanks to our brother/sister site obsessed with all things music — check out Jay-Z's latest music video, "Show Me What You Got" — featuring Danica Patrick in a Pagani Zonda S out-racing a Ferrari F430 driven by none other than Dale Earnhardt, Jr. — with Mr. Shawn Carter (aka Hova, aka S.Dot, aka Hov, aka Jigga, aka Lucky Lefty, aka Iceberg Slim, aka — ok, you get the picture, Jay-Z's got a lot of nicknames) in the passenger seat. You know, we kind of feel like this is totally a race Danica could win — one where she's got a car fully 70 hp faster than the competition. Still, we totally know Jay-Z's just going to say he lost cause she weighs less than he and Dale Jr. [Hat tip to will!]


Videodrone: Jay-Z, "Show Me What You Got" [Idolator]

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Carbon...hold up. If you mean that commentors wouldn't know that Hova "built the ROC from a pebble, peddled rock before [he] met ya" are mistaken. As for name dropping MSC, I guess "the Fernando Alonso" didn't rhyme too well.

While this vid started out well enough, it pretty much devolved into a "let's get this party started right" dance off. Weak. I liked the homage to the original Thomas Crown, with the split screen stuff in the beginning. But prefer Jay Kay's video where it's nothing but cars, I forget for which song.

I've been to Monaco many years ago (honeymoon). The week after the GP. A great memory...our train from Paris to Nice was late (TGV my ass), and I had wangled an upgrade to a Pugeot Cabrio...upon arrival at our St. Jean Cap-Ferrat hotel, the doorman greeted us with "The Navarros I presume...we've been expecting you. Would you like us to leave the top up or down?" Very impressive cotomer sevis.

Then later that evening, taking the Pug into Monte Carlo via the Bas Corniche (Low road)...I felt just like Messr. Bond with Tracy Vicenzo by my side. Not fluent enough in the intracies of baccarat, we went next door to the "Casino Americain" and won about $500 on the slots. Which paid for exactly 1 night at our hotel. I highly recommend a trip to the area for all.