Mumbai Residents Want The Honking To Stop

There's so much honking in Mumbai that's it's apparently unhealthy. That's why some people, presumably with severe headaches, have started movements to shame or ticket drivers into honking less.

This counteracts strategies to make horns louder, but one anti-honking group has actually developed a meter that penalizes excessive honking. According to NDTV, the "Oren horn usage meter" turns on the car's hazard lights if the driver's been honking too much in order to alert police so a citation can be issued.


Another group is pushing forward a more passive approach that reportedly uses a light-up sad face every time the horn is hit. That seems less effective.

NDTV reports noise levels in some parts of Mumbai "continuously exceed 85 decibels, breaking the limits recommended by health experts and contributing to high blood pressure, hearing loss and heart disease."

Neither of the two campaigns appear to have much momentum yet. But I can think of some US cities where they might actually work.


It's simple though: don't be a dick, just honk less.

Photo: Getty Images

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