Multi-Car Households Safer Than Single-Car Households

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A UK insurance firm found that households with multiple vehicles are 22% less likely to crash than those with only a single car, thus proving that Jay Leno must be one of the world's safest drivers. The reasoning behind this is that individuals with multiple cars generally own more expensive cars and are less likely to wreck a Bentley than a Fabia. But there's more good news!

The insurance firm also indicated that 46% of these households are car enthusiasts and thus more experienced drivers. Hopefully, they'll add a box for "enthusiast" on insurance forms so we can all get our much-deserved discount. [Legal & Medical]

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I have to keep all my vehicles on comprehensive all the time because I can't afford to keep liability on all of them. The drops and adds were driving the poor insurance lady nuts so we compromised and she just de/activates liability as I change vehicles.

Michigan has a surcharge for every vehicle you insure. It's called the MCCA and it sucks. Because we have unlimited medical no fault insurance requirements we are obligated to pay into a fund that insures the insurance companies. If you think that sounds screwed up you should see the justification.


It TRIPLES motorcycle insurance and yet motorcyclists can't draw against it or aren't covered by it unless they are hit by a car (I'm not kidding). The justification is that it's because a high percentage of claims are just for that reason. They then use that as evidence the helmet law shouldn't be repealed. Because too many bikers get hit by cars, how's that logic work?

That puts my MCCA contribution at somewhere near (carry the 2 and..) $1096 this year.