Mr. Koenigsegg, Is It Really Called The Top Gear Wing?

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Right after he showed us his new take on Scandinavian mayhem, Christian von Koenigsegg stopped by for a little chat. We had to know: Is his supercar's rear wing really named after Jezza and the boys?


As you may know, Koenigsegg was one of the companies that tried to save Saab. We asked the great man what a Koenigsaab would have looked like, and, more important, what the official term for the firm's Stig-inspired rear wing is.


Note: If you can, dig up a pair of headphones. It's loud in here, and there are a few moments where the dapper Mr. Koenigsegg's voice fades away.

Photo Credit: Máté Petrány

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Makes sense. In a weird marketing sense sort of way.

But people should know that Top Gear didn't have anything to do with a spoiler being fitted (except for the highly publicized spin out), because much older versions of the car had a spoiler in the middle recess. It was always meant for that purpose. Koenigsegg just fit the optional spoiler then sent it back to Top Gear to clear their name. I expect this to have happened rather quickly, but I'm sure BBC in its infinite wisdom decided to wait a long time for that dramatic tension.

But thank you clarifying that bit for us, Mr. Orosz.