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Remember Mr. Horse? Mister “No, sir, I don’t like it?” from Ren and Stimpy? He appears to have resurfaced as a mascot for Kentucky Speedway. Yes, sir, we like it.

NASCAR posted this most unusual sighting of a 1990s icon after Kyle Busch’s win this weekend, complete with plenty of #social #media emojis.



It’s a scientific fact that Formula One is more fun in a horse mask, so one-upping us by bringing a full horse mascot to the NASCAR party is pretty impressive, not going to lie.

I also see that they’re trying to connect with the #millenials, given the funny little picture-things at the bottom of their post. Is there anything that hits us right in the nostalgia feels more than 1990s Nickelodeon? No. No, there isn’t.

Welcome back to the spotlight, Mr. Horse. You’ve been missed.

(Also, please don’t 💩 in the 🚗.)

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