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Yeah, there're a few of us out there in the auto-journaling world who spent far too much of our young lives in the punk scene, notably Rides' Brian Scotto, Gearhead founder Mike LaVella, StarQuest obsessive Mike Bumbeck (who used to play pinball with Clint Conley of Mission of Burma!) and Andy Wendler of Maumee, OH's favorite sons, the Necros, whose stint as the mph Guy we've really dug. Apparently Alterman and the boys dug him too, as they've now brought him onboard as a full-time staffer. Yeah, we know, we're gettin' all Gawker-esque with all of this inside-the-car-journalism jism, but hey, in the face of all of the focus on ride-pimpin' goings-on in an industry rife with polo-shirted God-and-country middle-aged men, bad-fashion bro-hams and other general dipshits, the punx've gotta stick together under heavy manners, y'know?

Welcoming Andy [mph (Scroll down yo, Thomas, where's the permalink?)]

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