Mounties move to seize five supercars from "rich kid street race"

Those 13 Vancouver youths who were caught speeding in $2 million worth of supercars last week won't face criminal charges — but the mounties will still move to seize five of their cars, even though they lack evidence for tougher punishments.


While the police were able to use eyewitnesses to hit 13 drivers with tickets for the very Canadian traffic offense of "driving without reasonable consideration," the mounties could not find enough evidence to charge all 13 drivers with dangerous driving — despite reports that the cars were doing 120 mph on a Vancouver freeway in daylight.

Instead, the mounties have asked local authorities to seize five unspecified cars through civil court, a process that's apparently less strict than a straight criminal case. Perhaps paying $196 for a traffic ticket, $200 for an impound fee and worldwide ignominy isn't quite enough punishment — but the next authority to weigh this case will have to grapple with what's too much.

Hat tip to cdoggyd!

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