Motorists Strike Down State Symbol: Prophecy?

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Much like the unfortunate protagonist of Werner Herzog's new film Grizzly Man, bears are our favorite animal. They lumber around, ferocious yet somehow cuddly; some varieties can swim incredibly long distances, and as we once witnessed at the Oakland Zoo, at least one ursine couple has no problem performing public rimjobs. Our dad once hit a deer, and we ran over a cat at 50mph on an on-ramp (it was either the cat or us, and left us with a sinking feeling for weeks), so although we know that while animal-automobile collisions are an unfortunate fact of life, it pains us to report that a multi-vehicle collision with a bear near Los Angeles has left eight people injured and the animal dead. Godspeed, noble bear.


Eight injured when cars strike bear north of LA [San Jose Mercury News]

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