Motorcyclist Reportedly Suing Michael Schumacher For Causing Road Crash

In the weeks before his terrible skiing accident, Michael Schumacher was reportedly in Spain, and while there he allegedly didn't give the right of way in a roundabout, causing an accident with the motorcycle. That motorcyclist is now suing Schumacher for damages.

Here's the story that The Mirror is reporting: Schumacher was in Spain driving a rented Audi A4. At a roundabout, he didn't cede the right of way to a motorcyclist who had it. The motorcyclist went down and broke a wrist, damaged his watch, ripped his clothing, and damaged his motorcycle. He wants compensation.


This is backed up by a police report from the incident. This will not go to trial unless insurers contest the claim and Schumacher does not have to attend the hearing.

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