Motorcycle Rider Narrowly Avoids Death by Fuckboy

Gif: TheRidersChannel (YouTube)

Motorcycle riders don’t enjoy the same luxury of safety that people in cars do. They are completely exposed and a collision that wouldn’t really hurt a driver can seriously injure a rider. So, it’s understandable that when this rider narrowly avoids colliding with a stunting Lamborghini, the rider’s alleged girlfriend tears the driver a new asshole.


In a video shot from The Snake on Mulholland Highway in Southern California and uploaded a few days ago, you can see the Huracán, driven by self-described fuckboy Alex Choi, pull out and attempt to do a stunt across two lanes of traffic. He supposedly doesn’t see the motorcycle rider coming up from behind him and the two narrowly avoid a collision.

The female rider, who the video’s caption identifies as the first rider’s girlfriend, then proceeds to rightfully lay into Choi

“Are you fucking stupid?” she demands. “He’s on a motorcycle, you stupid piece of shit. What the fuck was that? If you would have killed him, I would have kicked your ass. Fuck you!”

Choi has the good sense and decency to stick around and take it. He says that the bike was in his blind spot and apologizes profusely to her and to the rider, too.

It’s good that nothing more serious happened. Here’s your reminder that stunting on public roads is dangerous, illegal and very stupid. Don’t do it.

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Travis M. Cotton

He stuck around, admitted he was wrong and offered up an explanation as to why. Hardly seems that douchey to me.  Shit...If I had a dollar for all the “fuck boys and girls” I contend with on a daily basis Id have a Lambo by week’s end.