Motorcycle Helmet Cam Captures Terrifying Plummet Off Cliff

Motorcycles seem like a blast, but like lots of things that are or involve blasts, they're pretty unforgiving. Like the case of the guy in the video here — he makes a few mistakes, and he pays for them with a terrifying 40 ft. tumble down a hillside. And it's all on camera.


This appears to come from some British Commonwealth territory, as they're driving on the wrong side of the street and the street signage is English. I's not clear exactly why the motorcyclist crossed the double-yellow and ended up the world's worst airplane, but he did. And, incredibly, wasn't injured at all.

The big thing to stay for is at the end, where the helmet cam's fisheye lens make everyone's legs and gait look like strange, alien things.


(Thanks, Brad20,000!)

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