Motive Mag Compares Super Turbo Toybox Potential!

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The folks at Motive magazine that's not a magazine have a neat little comparo review of sport compacts or as they put it: "sixteen cylinders and four turbos for 1/13th the price of a Veyron." Why they've got to compare everything to a Bugatti Veyron, we've no idea, but it's a good read especially as it gives Mopar meatheads a chance to to see how the latest member of the SRT tribe, the anything-but-cute Caliber, handles the pressure. Unfortunately, even with 285 HP and 265 lb-ft of torque, the Dodge-loving folks out there may find out the importance of a full TCS-off mode and why the limited-slip diff from the old Neon SRT4 probably shouldn't have been parted with on the new pocket road rocket from the Hemi-powered brand. Check out the fully enjoyable review over at Motive. [Motive]

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I recently rode as a passenger in an SRT4 Caliber at a test drive event for Dodge SRT. I was one of the first passengers of the day (second day of the event), and was told it had just gotten a fresh set of tires due to the fronts being roasted off the day before with the traction control off. So during my spin, the traction control was left on and it noticeably slowed the car down.

It was pretty damn quick in a straight line, although my opinion of that was dampened since I had previously ridden in a Grand Cherokee SRT8 and Viper minutes before.