When we were a long-haired Jalopnik with a red El Camino, a friend with a powder-blue Volvo 142 encouraged us to write about Bad Religion records for the school newspaper and introduced us to a muffy chick with a penchant for the offbeat in a flannel shirt. At the time, she drove a Mazda 626, mock-affectionately known by all as the 666. Now she prefers interesting scarves to formless flannel and drives a Passat. However, that boxy blue Mazda? Well, really, the best we can say about it is that it was a car. Not the charmer that its RX2 forefather was, and not the underdog press-darling its 6 successor is. So here's to the mid-period nothing-machines that powered the youth of today's thirtysomethings. Yes, we're slightly jealous of the 10-year-olds of today who will inherit hand-me-down Legacy GTs.

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