Most Tesla Owner Ever Turns $118,000 Model S Into AirBnB

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Innovative Tesla Man ponders to himself, "hm, how can I combine as many hip startup tech ideas together as possible at the same time? What about AirBnB... Tesla????"

Yes, this guy has actually listed his Tesla as a two-person bedroom, filling the Model S P85's spacious interior with a 36"-wide air mattress, a pillow and multiple sheets. The listing claims "it goes 0 to Sleep in 4.2 seconds!"


The listing is up in Arizona, claiming to be the world's fastest hotel, though you don't actually get to drive the car. You do get a free ride in it, which might give you sweet enough memories to dull the fact that you're paying $85 to sleep in the back of some dude's car in his garage in Phoenix.

Go to the listing right here to book a night for you and your most disruptive companion!


(Hat tip to Bob! I mean Road and Track)

Photo Credits: Steve (that's the host's name), AirBnB