Watch Two Asshats In A LaFerrari And A 911 GT3 Try To Destroy Their Cars

Okay, we get it. Cars are fun, the suburbs are boring. But these two pinheads are driving recklessly, almost ruining two beautiful cars, and not even really looking that cool doing it:

Aside from blowing through a stop sign and almost colliding with an Altima, you can hear some cringeworthy scrapes and see the car smoking as it pulls back in the driveway.

Yeah, cool dude, we all would have been super impressed if you had ruined a million dollar car after killing a peewee soccer team.

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Most cringeworthy video I’ve seen in a while. Can ferrari use their super douche powers to confiscate this car from this particular ass clown. I mean they send out cease and desist orders all the time for lesser things right?? I can’t image it would be to hard to find the owner either.