We sometimes wonder if the implementation of the Taser doesn't give people an opportunity to injure someone when, otherwise, they'd have to man-up and fight or shoot someone. This concern has only been reinforced by recent tasings that happened rather quickly. For Exhibit B we have the case of a security supervisor and a restaurant owner who squared off with the electric stun guns after a dispute over a parking spot. Harvey Epstein, the owner of a Mexican restaurant, was upset that a security guard reporting to Casey Dane had booted one of Epstein's employee's van. It's unclear who was in the right on that one, but what happened next put both men clearly in the wrong.

Epstein attempted to cut the boot off with a pair of bolt cutters, which Dane found threatening. Dane put his hand over his holstered pistol, which Epstein found threatening. Instead of talking it over like adults, they drew their Tasers and fired. Neither were seriously injured, though the restauranteur was charged with felony menacing and using a stun gun. Said police, "It was just kind of a bonehead deal."

[Photo: Mansfield PD, MSNBC]