Joe Scarborough Gets Taken To "News School" Over MH370 Conspiracies

In a candid moment of brilliance this morning, Mika Brezinski took "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough to "news school" this morning. Visibly flustered before breaking into the conversation, she called Joe (and media as a whole) out for promoting speculative conspiracies related to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 as news.


From a different perspective, the media has been grasping at whatever straw it can reach over the past 18 days since flight 370 went missing. Seemingly pressured to outdo their competitors, outlets have resorted to reporting any and every possible lead as true facts and reliable information have been hard to come by.


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Jason Parker

Umm... as the author of every 370 article that gets posted to the front of Jalonik pages I am reading, are you part of the 'media as a whole'?

I don't know about you but the fact that a pilot had two REALLY BAD DAYS and had FLIGHT SIMULATOR VIDEO GAMES in his home feels just like whoring 'news' out for site views.