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Earlier this month, we reported on a new Golf GT for Europe that will employ both a supercharger and turbocharger to round out the car's performance band, while preserving the small motor's fuel economy. Now, AutoWeek profiles the twin-boost system, called SuperTurbo, which is built by longtime supercharger supplier, Eaton. The key to managing the machinations of intake and outflow compressors is the computer, which makes the byzantine system seamless to the driver, the supercharger increasing low-rev torque and the turbo kicking in for higher-end boost. VW plans to roll out the system on a range of engines bound for Europe, but could bring it to the US if the market (read: gas prices) warrant. [Update: If you saw this post before we changed the photo, you would have seen the thumbnail from AutoWeek's article, which incorrectly shows a VW Polo charging stealthily toward the horizon, not a Golf. We changed it to show a Euro-spec '06 R32, which we know isn't equipped with a SuperTurbo motor, but we love it just the same.]

New VW engine packs a One-Two Punch; 2006 Golf gets SuperTurbo system [AutoWeek]

Turbocharged-Supercharged Golf GT to Debut at Frankfurt [internal]


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