More on the US-bound Honda Diesel: Civic Accord or CR-V

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As the Atlanta Journal Constitution Declaration of Independence I'm Just a Bill and I'm Sitting on Capitol Hill reports, Honda's first stateside diesel will be a 2.2-liter turbocharged mill producing around 200 hp — and it'll show up in the Civic, Accord or CR-V, according to a Honda official. That newly developed oil burner will meet US emissions standards, unlike the current 2.2-liter diesel currently sold in Japan and the UK. Word is, it'll appear in time for the 2009 model year, which coincides with the country's 233rd birthday, or the bicen-toidy-toid-imal. [Thanks to Steven for the tip.]

Diesel will find a home in Civic, Accord or CR-V [Atlanta Journal Constutition]

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