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Despite a convincing introduction of the Fisker Karma luxury hybrid this week, some of the most unbridled optimists on our Rolodex are whispering the techie's ultimate damnation: it's vaporware. Maybe they're jaded by the reported troubles at Tesla, especially on the heels of such a massive inflow of gushing page-inches and personal salivation (remember, of course, their story isn't over until some fat Chapter 11 attorney sings). Nonetheless, we talked for a bit with Alan Niedzwiecki, CEO of Quantum Technologies, maker of the Q DRIVE series-hybrid system powering Henrik Fisker's luxury sedan.


While he couldn't give us exact specs, he did reveal it's based on a setup developed for certain stealth reconnaissance vehicle used by the US Army's secretive Delta Force. Thus, the Karma could be the first passenger hybrid vehicle whose powertrain trickled down from the big G, rather than bubbled up from the marketplace, just like jet aircraft, Silly Putty and the Internet. And lest we think that, like Fisker's last project, the Karma's based on an existing automotive platform, we're assured it's entirely proprietary. More to come as we know it.

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