More on the Hyundai Genesis Sedan

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With Hyundai having announced it would be building a 300-hp, rear-drive coupe on its new, upmarket Genesis platform, we're looking at the sedan version in a new light. The latest from Hyundai bosses, and confirmed at the SEMA show last week, indicates the company's new, range-topping V8 will indeed be good for "over 350 horsepower, as applied to the executive car shown in these new spy snaps. The coupe concept will be shown in Los Angeles this month, powered by a tuned version of its corporate 3.8-liter V6, an engine that will produce around 250 hp in the base sedan. That's all fine, but who'd have thought the new, revived Toyota Supra would be a Hyundai. [World Car Fans]


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I don't get the comparison to the Supra. It was a coupe with a I-6/turbo. Yes it produced ~300hp and had RWD, but then again so does the G35/G37 coupe, G37, Mustang , etc.