More on Project Kimber: New MG "Midget" Could Arrive Next Year

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The latest high-profile group of investors and industry executives aiming to revive a failed British marque, the UK's Kimber group, plans to have its first car ready by early 2007, according to AutoWeek. That car, a version of the discontinued Smart roadster, will wear the MG brand founded by Cecil Kimber in 1924 and could be called Midget in honor of that erstwhile sports car. Kimber's plan looks like it may be the most promising of various schemes hatched to bring back the Sunbeam (possibly fraudulent), Austin Healey, Triumph, Marcos (ok, that one's up and running) and AC Cars (don't ask).


New Smart-based MG Roadster could see production by early 2007 [AutoWeek]

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