More Multiple-Motor Madness: Twin-Engine Tiburon

Ah, twin-engined cars. The Hairy Olds is the grandaddy of them all, but since then we've seen dual engine/transaxle combos stuffed in a fair number of vehicles by lunatic gearheads. CRX, Citation, Chrysler K-car... and, of course, a '98 Hyundai Tiburon. This one's been around for a while (the folks at Sport Compact Car included it in an "Ultimate Street Car Challenge" shootout a few years back), but we're putting it up here for those who may not have heard of it. Sure, the salesman who drives a Hyundai to work wins the set of steak knives, but not when that Hyundai packs a 300-horse engine at each end and runs high 10s.

864 Cubes Of Hairy Oldsmobile Goodness [internal]


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