Chevy added Bob Seger's "Like A Rock" to their truck commercials and created advertising gold. But did they also create an unstoppable monster? Seger's Greatest Hits is poised to outsell the Silverado this decade. Who will win: Rock-truck or rocker?

We think this one is actually already in the bag for Detroit-native Seger. Billboard today confirmed Greatest Hits beat out Pink Floyd and others as the Best-Selling Catalog Album of the 2000s with nearly 9 million sold. The Silverado? It's at roughly 8 million units moved this decade. Unless the Obama Administration plans to subsidize the full cost of a new Silverado we think Chevy is fighting Against The Wind. This is Bob's country, this is Bob's album.

To show which one you think is more like a rock, we encourage you to either buy a copy of his Greatest Hits or a Silverado before the end of the month. []