More Chrysler Group Sales Speculation: DaimlerChrysler Wants To Keep Jeep Brand?

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Another strangely named German magazine's speculating reporting on an interesting development in the talks to sell off the 'merican side of the not-so-much merger of equals. Apparently, according to Handelsblatt (a name which we think literally means "trade rag mag") there's interest at DaimlerChrysler in keeping the Jeep brand as a boutique badge for the cross-Atlantic hybrid. Which doesn't make much sense for a company like General Motors because the two brands they're interested in would be the Jeep and Dodge names. However, a Chinese automaker would certainly not give a rat's ass which brands it's getting — as long as it's getting some 'merican name to sell their wares over on this side of the Pacific. The plot's thickening. [Hat tip to Gary!]

DaimlerChrysler moots retaining Jeep brand, selling rest of Chrysler - report [AFX News Limited via Forbes]


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