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Looks like the roommates in Volkswagen's version of Real World SoCal (i.e., the Moonraker project) have come up with their first accessory package for production. The Moonraker group, reportedly holed up in a Malibu manse and tasked with getting a line on US car culture, devised the R GT appearance package, which debuted in concept form at last year's SEMA show, for the Passat and Jetta. Now, according to Edmunds Inside Line, the package will be available on the Passat as a $4,500 option, though component parts — i.e., front and rear skirts, honeycomb grille, sill kit, integrated tailgate lip, ovalar tailpipe trim and 18-inch titanium-colored alloy wheels (and 18" Pirelli summer tires) — will be available from dealerships seprately.

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