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The collection of mechanical iconography and fine old junk that determines what is a hot rod and custom is at once ever changing and at the same moment forever etched in time - or sometimes a set of valve covers. A good lot of the very things visually say fast or custom grew from racing jalopies out on the street, dry lakes, or drag strips. A never driven hot rod spinning slowly round on a turnstile, or a once affordable musclecar selling for a bazillion smackers on some crummy TV auction is the unfortunate end result of folks forgetting the whole deal is about driving fast and having fun in whatever wheeled contraption you can find or build. To that end, the 2006 Mooneyes X-mas party at Irwindale Raceway served up drag racing, tunes, pinstriping, jalopies, and a heap of other reasons to be merry this X-mas. Behold just some of the good stuff in the gallery.

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The 2005 Mooneyes Christmas Party! [Internal]

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