Monopoly City Streets Mates Empire-Building With Google Maps

If you're a Monopoly fan, Wednesday will be a big day, as Hasbro and Google will release "Monopoly City Streets" upon the world. It's a massive online game of Monopoly using Google Maps as the gaming board.

Monopoly City Streets is SimCity meets Monopoly meets Risk and it will be one of the more interesting, and time-consuming things to come out of Google in a while. The game uses the Google Maps layouts as the board and a whole host of new Monopoly buildings to build your real estate empire with. Even though we found Monopoly exceedingly tedious as youngsters, this game sounds incredibly cool. Perhaps it's the aspect of building upon actual cities that makes it so interesting. In any case, the initial release will happen tomorrow, and will no-doubt be the talk of the tubes for a while.


And think of the possible side-effects, maybe some genius will come up with a workable game plan to fix Detroit proper (hey it could happen). [Mashable]

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