Mom, It’s Time We Talked About Drifting

Nick Stuckey's mom went see what her boy does for fun. Her son is an amateur drifter. He handed her a helmet, turned on the camera, and this is what we got.


For someone going sideways in the passenger seat of a gutted Miata, Nick's mom stayed pretty calm and collected. She definitely wasn't as bad as some passengers we've seen before.


If you're wondering where this is, you're looking at a small slice of the Utah drifting scene. You can satisfy your amateur automotive anthropological curiosity about American drift culture with this video from a few years back.

(Hat tip to Nick!)

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Drifting is to real racing as this guy's dancing is to the 100-meter dash. Yes, it takes a certain amount of practice. And yes your mom puts the trophies up on the mantle when the East German judge gives you a 9.2. But IT IS NOT motorsport. It is a circle jerk for kids whose auto taste development stopped when they were 6 years old. Now, to be clear, breaking of traction has its place. To whit:

Is hooning it up on a gravel road cool? Yes.

Is chirping the tires going into 3rd gear in a 635CSi awesome? Yes.

Is laying rubber out of turn 10 at Laguna Seca in a 917/10 the coolest thing ever? Yes.

Is a Land Cruiser scrabbling for traction with its front tires as it sinks to the bottom of a river totally riveting? Yes.

Is an overpowered diesel Mercedes W123 wagon laying rubber cool? Well yes. But because it's a wagon and it's a diesel and it's weird and it's a feat of engineering.

Is Group B cool? Duh.


Is it cool to put slippery old tires on a 240SX and do donuts in a high school parking lot?

Is it cool to buy tires that make pink smoke?

Is it cool to total a Viper at a Cars and Coffee while trying to emulate stupid kids in AE86s?

Is it cool to take one of the best handling cars of all time and try to impress your mom by making tire smoke with it?

I hope Jalopnik is a place where the answer to these final questions is 'no.'

C'mon. Jalopnik is a place where people get sprung over underpowered Alfa Romeo station wagons. It is a place where we understand that the fastest line through a corner is the quietest one. It is a place where we watch Nurburgring videos. It is a place where we like blown Volvos. It is a place where we ridicule and then embrace weird Lamborghini owners. It is a place were we cry about Ayrton Senna. It is a place where we don't like flappy paddles. For crying out loud, this a place WHERE WE HAVE TO HOLD THE LINE.