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Here's a story everybody can feel good about AND laugh at. 34 year old Marion Anderson of Plymouth, Devon, England passed out at the wheel of her car while cruising down the A38 at 70 mph. Normally this is a very, very bad thing. But Marion's autistic nine-year-old son came to the rescue. Young Jonathan first attempted to rouse his snoozing mum, but when his efforts failed, he took the wheel himself. The boy managed to guide the automobile across three lanes of rush-hour traffic and bring the car to a stop in a roadside ditch. When it was all over, Jonathan dutifully switched on the emergency flashers and waited for help. But the best part of this whole story is...


...the automobile Marion Anderson had fallen asleep at the wheel of was a Toyota Avensis. Oh sure, doctors are saying Marion has an underactive thyroid, which causes breathing problems and that led to her loss of consciousness. But we know what really did it: a serious case of incredible, debilitating car boredom. [via Daily Express]


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